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Wedding Coordinator vs. Venue Coordinator: What is the difference?

Wedding Coordinator vs. Venue Coordinator: What is the difference?

You’re engaged! Congratulations! You’ve set your budget, figured out your color scheme, and put a deposit down on your dream venue. You were thinking about hiring a wedding coordinator, but your venue comes with a venue coordinator! All set right? Maybe! 

There are so many couples out there, that are not sure about what the differences are between a Wedding PlannerCoordinator and a Venue Coordinator. And you know what? That is totally ok! I had no clue what the difference was until after I got married. A lot of couples think that they will be fine, and decide not to hire a Wedding Planner, because the venue provides them with a Venue Coordinator but there before you make the decision, here are a few differences between the wedding coordinator and venue coordinator!

Also, it is important to note that the venue is not providing a coordinator for free, you ARE getting charged for their services as well.

Who does What?

The Venue Coordinator (VC) is in charge of coordinating your day. Starting and ending at the venue.

The Wedding Planner ( WP) is in charge of coordinating your day and a few months prior. If you are only hiring a wedding planner for the day of coordination, chances are you will only get to know them for a few months before the wedding. But if you are hiring the planner for full or partial planning then chances are that you will be getting to know your wedding planner pretty well and form a special and trusting relationship.

Communication Styles

VC: Because your VC is part of the venue, they will be working with a lot of couples, which means that they will not always be readily accessible for any immediate questions that you may have. The response time will be delayed.

WP: You will most likely have your planner’s cell phone number. They will be available during their business hours and most likely will have set after hours for clients. However, they will be readily available because you will have direct communication. If you text them with a “911” they will of course pick up the phone and call you.

Set-up + Décor

VC: Design will be limited to the venue only. They will use what they have available at the venue and order what they don’t have available through their vendors which may cost a little more than expected.

WP: Will assist in all aspects of the design process. This means, choosing color schemes, themes, and more. This, of course, will be done during your consultations/brainstorming sessions.

When it comes to Vendors....

VC: When it comes to vendors, the venue will provide a list of vendors around the area or that another bride has chosen.

WP: Will provide a preferred list of vendors that they have personally worked with before. If they do not have anyone on a list, then they will do the research for you, negotiate, and steer you towards the right vendor. Think of this as a vetting process.

What about my Guests...?

VC: On the day of the wedding, they will help decorate, and ensure that things are going smoothly. But ultimately, they will also be focused on the kitchen and waitstaff to make sure that everything is on time. Everything revolves around the kitchen.

WP: They will worry about everything and everyone. All vendors will communicate with the planner and additional guest services will also be handled by the planner.

No Right or Wrong Choice!

VC: Because they are employed by the venue, they will have the venue’s best interest.

WP: Because they were hired by you, they will always have your back and be by your side! You are their number one priority.

It is absolutely acceptable to go with one or the other or both! It is your wedding day! As long as you are happy, that is all that matters!

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