Four Ways to cut down your wedding guest list

Four Ways to Cut Down your Wedding Guest List

Creating your guest list can be one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning. There are several reasons why you’d have to trim down your guest list but deciding on who gets the invite to your wedding is definitely easier said than done, but no worries, I’m here with some helpful hints on how to handle this dilemma.

Set Boundaries

Make sure that you and your partner have a discussion on who definitely needs to be there, and who you can do without. Have your set of A lists ready. Remember, marriage sometimes involves compromising and this may be one of the times that you’ll have to do that. It is important to keep the communication open, honest, and continuous. 

Throw all Expectations out the window!

Don’t feel obligated to invite someone that

  • You haven’t spoken to in the last five years
  • Invited you to their wedding and
  • Distant relatives.

It is not mandatory to invite someone just because they invited you and just because you have a distant cousin on your Facebook page, doesn’t mean they need to get an invite. They may feel a little hurt, but if you’re trying to save some money, then it needs to be done. If you feel that it is necessary, you can soften the blow by sending them a message or calling them to let them know that they are not invited and this is why.

Get Rid of "Plus Ones"

You can definitely eliminate the plus ones when it comes to family, They will have plenty of people at the wedding to speak to and they should definitely understand that you are trying to save money. I would possibly keep the plus-ones for friends who will not know anyone at the wedding and couples that you’re both friends with. It is all up to your discretion of course.

If you're feeling pressured to invite everyone on your guest list

Consider cutting back in other areas such as:

  • Favors: You don’t always need favors, instead if you’re renting a photo booth then that can be your favor!
  • Food: You can have a buffet or a family style dinner instead of a plated meal. If you’re having a wedding at a non-traditional venue, you can also have a potluck.
  • Venue: This is where you will spend a big chunk of money. Choose a different venue, a non-traditional venue, or one that is less expensive.

There are no Right or Wrong Answers...

Wedding planning is overwhelming enough and worrying about the guest list. Sometimes asking for outside suggestions may help but always keep in mind that you and your partner will always have the last say. 

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